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Enviro Hair Treatment



It is a revolutionary safe treatment (Formaldehyde Free) that is simple, fast, and can eliminate up to 95% of frizz while making curly hair more manageable.CHI Enviro is guaranteed to leave the hair healthier, stronger, and smoother, while adding amazing shine. CHI Enviro is formulated with amino acids, silk, and pearl. Infused with cysteine, the treatment can synergize with hair’s natural cysteine, thus rearranging the proteins in the hair without breaking any bonds.


CHI Enviro is available in 3 formulations to match different hair needs. whether your hair is Virgin, Chemically treated or Colored, CHI Enviro can get you the perfect look. 


The new protein rearrangement can last up to 4 months by using the CHI G2 Iron set at 410°F, thus sealing and bonding hair to produce smooth, silky, strong, and shiny hair.